CE Components

SIL is a leading player in the Indian consumer electronics industry and caters to both the retail and the B2B space. Over the years we have developed substantial competence in the manufacturing of CTV components.

Component Manufacturing :

Flyback Transformers - The Flyback Transformer, also known as FBT or even as Line Output Transformer (LOPT), is a vital component used in Televisions, computer displays and many CRT-based monitors.
Deflection Yokes - In addition to the FBTs, Salora also manufactures Deflection Yokes for the TV industry. Deflection Yoke is a major component of the TV sets that assists in generation of distortion-free image.
Loudspeakers - Electromagnetic device that converts an electrical signal to sound. Salora has been manufacturing a wide range of speakers. We cater to audio as well as video industry.
Salora manufacturing facilities are located at the company’s sprawling complex in Delhi, UP & Gujrat. The state-of-the-art automated units employ 1000 people including about 200 engineers and professionals. The units are ISO 9001:2008, IEC65 & ISO 14001 compliant.
Total Land Area is – 25,000 square meters